10 Best Video File Formats for 2021

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With the world progressing rapidly, the Media Industry has used all the Aces in their deck to provide the best entertainment and recreation for their audience. It often includes high-quality videos and applications that run them, and the appropriate video formats can only achieve it.

The latest and the best video format that exists there is MP4 Video format. However, it totally depends on what you are looking for in your format. Therefore, to aid you, we have established 10 of the great video file formats and their pros and cons. Allow us to take the lead to make a suitable decision while choosing the file format.

Introduction about Top 10 Video File Formats in 2021

The best video formats that exist in the business will be introduced in this section with their advantages and disadvantages.

What is MP4?

Part 14 of MPEG-4, abbreviated for Motion Picture Experts Group, is a video file format influenced by Quick Time file format. MP4 video format has the honor of being used by Apple and accepted by iTunes, making it one of the most used video formats globally.


  • MP4 video format offers compatibility to a wide range of media players such as iTunes, GOM player, VLC Media Player, and Windows Media Player making it famous worldwide.
  • YouTuber recommends using this file format as it is a closed caption video format. This attribute makes it workable with applications that require subtitles in their videos.
  • MP4 video format provides high-quality video and works great while streaming videos over the internet.
  • All video sharing platforms stimulate the users to upload their video files in this format.


  • This video format does not go well when it comes to editing. It often crashes, making it a negative point on the list.

What is MOV?

The MOV format is also known to us as QuickTime video format. Its development aimed to target the users who need to edit their videos by following an easy process. Created by Apple, the movies can be divided into tracks, making them famous in Media and Film Industry.


  • This file format works amazing with other file formats giving the users a sigh of relief.
  • It is easy to use, making it user-friendly.
  • It provides high-standard videos.


  • It develops large files that are hard to use, leaving a bad impact on the consumer.
  • The compression of video files causes loss of data.

What is MKV?

The MKV file format is an abbreviation for Matroshka. Created by Multimedia Container Format (MCF), it got famous in 2014 when Windows announced technical support for this video file format. It works perfectly with many video players, including VLC Media Player, and has the capacity to be used on maximum operating systems.


  • Being an open-source project, MKV allows support to a wide range of codecs.
  • A single file of this format has the ability to withhold images, audio, and videos.
  • It does not lose much data during compression.


  • This format offers complication in its use thus, making it not user-friendly.
  • Being in its initial stages, it is not common among users.

What is M4V?

The Apply company created an M4V video file format. The best thing about this video format is that it works best with the iTunes store to encode the video files. Being a container file instead of the codec, M4V allows a wide range of media players enhancing compatibility with VLC, Apple QuickTime player, Zoom, MPlayer, and Media Player Classic, etc.


  • This format works perfectly for foreign language shows that require translation.
  • It does not take much space to withhold these video files and have high-quality videos.


  • These video formats are not compatible with Android devices.

What is AVI?

AVI Video format is short for Audio Video Interleave. It is a container format that was developed by Microsoft and has the capacity to hold both audio and video data. AVI video format supports the streaming of audio and videos, making it workable for many users.


  • This video format allows high-quality precision of videos and audio fidelity.
  • It works perfectly with Microsoft and Non-Microsoft operating systems.
  • No special hardware device is needed to open .avi video files making them accessible to most users.
  • It works like a charm for short videos, promos, and teasers offering compression with good quality.


  • A special codec has to be installed to open the video files of this format, making it a turn-off.
  • The space covered by AVI video files is larger than any other video format, which is a disadvantage.
  • It does not allow user interaction, which is not much fancied by most users.

What is FLV?

The FLV file format is abbreviated as Flash Video Format. Considered to be a container instead of the codec, FLV video format was developed to be utilized in conjunction with Adobe Flash Player. The main responsibility of this format is to provide a high-quality video to the user over the internet.


  • Games can use this format.
  • If you are supposed to add animation to your content on any website, FLV comes to the rescue.
  • The use of this video format is simple and provides amazing effects to the targeted video.


  • It is expensive to use, and therefore, people are avoiding its use in their applications and video programs.
  • It takes a lot of time, leaving a negative impact on the users.
  • The flash video format is not compatible with iOS making it less usable by Apple owners.

What is MTS?

As far as the MTS video format is concerned, it is stored in Advanced Video Coding High Definition (AVCHD). It is in use by Sony and Panasonic, which are enormous electronic firms. MTS is short for MPEG Transport Stream and allows high-definition projects.


  • It allows and supports 3D videos.
  • It works perfectly with hardware products that are manufactured by Canon and Sony.


  • The editing process is slow and wastes a lot of time exporting videos from the camera to the computer.
  • It is not compatible with most programs leaving a bad impression for the users.
  • It ceases to support the 4K format.

What is 3GP?

The 3GP video file is used to store audio and videos, which are transferred over the internet and shared with 3G mobile phones. Being a container video file, this file format was created by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project.


  • It saves storage space because of its small sizes.
  • Being used for communication between mobile phones, people prefer this file format over others.


  • The compression causes loss of data and creates a low-quality video.
  • It does not offer compatibility for other applications, which is a negative as compared to others.

What is INSV?

This video format is extremely famous with videographers as it allows the user to capture the videos and images in Insta360 INSV format. It consists of panoramic files that record the subject in 360-degree images and videos.


  • It is easy to export the data using this format into standard formats.
  • It is famous among sports fanatics and professional videographers.


  • This format is only compatible with Insta360 Studio 2019.

What is M2TS?

M2TS is a file format used to produce high-quality videos on Blu-ray Disc. Being a container file format, it works best for multiplexing audio and videos, making it quite famous among video streamers and professional videographers.


  • As compared to other file formats, M2TS offers sharper and clearer images while play backing.
  • It works at good speeds.


  • The files are larger that take forever to process.
  • There are some problems with subtitles and audio.

How to Choose A Video File Format

Now that you are well informed of the advantages and disadvantages of individual video format, the next question that pops up in mind is “How to Choose the video file format?”

The video format has to be picked for starters by keeping in view the quality of video requirements. The format should achieve the needed quality. Moreover, the applications, devices, and browsers have to be kept in consideration, which will allow the video of a certain format to be played. The reason behind this is not all video formats are compatible with programs and devices in use.

If you want to view your videos online, prefer the video format, which works the best with browsers — for instance, MP4 and WEBM.

If your niche is recording videos of your dog at your home, they prefer the video formats that offer good quality and can be used in the future. You can use MP4 and AVI for this.

If you are a Windows user and encounter a Windows application, use WMV to work perfectly and offer compatibility.


The article reflected upon ten of the best video formats of 2021. A clear understanding of these video formats and knowing their pros and cons will allow the video makers, vloggers, YouTubers, and streamers to make the best choice according to their preferences and priorities. We hope that the research was valuable and helpful to you.

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