Do You Know How to Restore Music from Google Play?

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“I don’t know if this sounds familiar or not, but Google Play Music deleted my downloaded music. I Opened the Google Play app and re-linked it to my Google account. But when I came back to the library, all my songs were gone. I restarted, but still, they are gone, and some of the albums were in it. So, is my music gone or can I restore music from Google Play? “

“Today, I was browsing through my Google Play Music, went to my music library, and started to download new songs. But suddenly, I noticed, I happen to delete all the music files accidentally. I want them back. So, can I restore music from Google Play? Help will be appreciated!”

Google Play Music is a podcast and music streaming service that offers all users storage of up to 50,000 files for free. But with a paid subscription, users get access to on-demand streaming of 40 million songs without advertisements and no limit on skips.

google play music
google play music

The user can listen to the songs through mobile apps or the service’s web player. The music can also be downloaded on the mobile apps for playing them offline, and on the PC through a music manager app.

This service scans your collection and matches the files to tracks in Google’s catalog, which can be downloaded in up to 320Kbit quality. The music files are uploaded to Google servers for streaming, and supported file formats include MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, and Ogg.

But there are instances as explained in the above cases when the music gets deleted from Google Play. You need not worry as it is possible to recover lost music.

Tips about Recovering Deleted Songs from Google Play

It is quite easy to recover songs from Google Play Music. Follow the below steps and restore music in no time.

  1. Go to the Google Play Music web player.
  2. Select Menu and then go to Trash and tab Menu.
  3. Click on Undelete

As you undelete, you will be able to recover the deleted songs from Google Play in no time.

Google Play Music Songs Recovery Fails

Although you can use recovery software and Google Play Music web player to recover songs, there are instances when recovery fails.

After you delete music, you just have 60 days to restore music to your library. After this duration, anything in your trash gets permanently deleted.

Then How to Delete the Entire Library?

Deleting the entire library means to delete all the music that you have added, uploaded, or purchased to your library on Google Play Music. Follow the below steps to delete the entire library:

  1. Go to your Google Play Music Settings page in a web browser on your PC.
  2. Now, click on Delete my library.

Note: You cannot reverse this action, so make sure you have a copy of all your purchases on your computer.

Warm Tips

Did you know that the loss of music files is preventable? While there are many music recovery solutions, but the best approach is to prevent the files from getting deleted in the first place.

Here is why you lose music files and you can prevent the deletion or loss scenarios:

Situations of losing music files

There are many situations due to which you lose music files. Some of them include accidental deletion, while at other times; they get lost due to app failure or system error.

Other situations include when Google Play Music deletes the entire music library, or you remove it permanently.

The advantage of music files backup

To prevent the loss of music files, it is important to have their backup on cloud-based storage, external hard drive, or USB storage. The main advantage of having a backup is it keeps a copy of all your audio files, and gives you access, as per your requirements.

Moreover, in case of deletion, you can always get your files back from the backup.

The top methods to backup songs include:

External Hard Drive

It is one of the easiest and accessible options to backup music files. Connect the hard drive to the computer, select the files, and then make the backup of music files in the external hard drive.

Cloud Storage

You can use Google Drive to backup music files. It stores your media in the best quality and can be accessed anytime, regardless of location.

USB Device

USB devices come in small capacities, but you can still use them to backup important songs or albums.

Regardless of the number of albums and music libraries you have, do not forget to keep their backup. In case of loss or accidental deletion solution, the backups always come handy.

Whether Google Play Music has deleted the downloaded songs or you have lost the music library, due to careless deletion, you can restore music from Google Play with Recoverit.

It is one of the most reliable and easy to use recovery software’s that makes restoring music faster than ever before. With a high data-recovery rate, it deep scans the data structures and helps you recover deleted music files in three easy steps.

At last, make sure you have a backup of all your music files.

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