Fix and Watch Not Playing Videos on Google Drive

Google Drive videos cannot be played? Here’s how we fixed it.

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Why Are Videos Not Playing In Google Drive

While playing the video, if Google Drive not playing videos, most of the time, it is the application or the browser that is causing the error.

Solution 1. Check Network Connection

Step 1. Check your internet speed using an online speed tester. If the speed is fine, then skip the next steps and proceed to the second solution. But if the speed is causing trouble, continue with the below steps.

Solution 2. Check Browser Version

Open the ‘About Browser’ section of your browser and check its version. Check it whether you are working on the latest available version on the internet. If it’s up to date, skip to the next hack, if not, you need to update it.

Solution 3. Clear RAM

Clearing the RAM can also work for you. There are multiple ways to so so. Considering you don’t want to install a new RAM, this solution will focus on clearing it.

Solution 4. Disable Plug-in

Open Chrome and navigate to setting-> more tools-> Extensions. Here, go to the extensions and turn it off using the button under it.

Solution 5. Convert the Videos

If none of the above hacks work, then the format and resolution of the video can be the issue. The simplest way to deal with it will be to convert the video.

Solution 6. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration enables the browser like Google Chrome to access and use your Graphics Processing Unit or GPU for rendering video results.

Useful Tips for Google Drive Videos

Google Drive is a secure platform for storing and sharing your videos, but as you know, it has room for error.

  • Never share a video with full access unless it is necessary.
  • Employ security measures and a secure password so that no one can temper with your Google Drive videos.
  • Before uploading the videos, Check the Google Drive specification and convert them accordingly.
  • Always use a compatible browser and keep it up to date to get the most out of your Google Drive.
  • If possible, use a high compression video format for your Google Drive videos.
  • Scan the files for malicious codes before uploading them on your Google Drive.
  • Consider synchronizing your drive with your smartphone or PC, so that you can access the video offline.
  • Check the video on your Google Drive regularly. If any of them is not working, repair it.
  • Try to keep a backup of the video files on Google Drive.
  • Create shortcuts and use them for quick access to your data.
  • Implement two-way authentication for accessing your Google Drive videos.

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