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EAC3 audio is not supported? What’s it? How to fix it?

EAC3 audio format is not supported
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I downloaded my favorite video to my Windows computer. However, there is no audio with a message eac3 audio format not supported. Any way to fix this? It can be frustrating to realize that you can’t watch your favorite video after downloading it to your Windows or Mac computer or Android device.

Most people encounter audio format eac3 not supported when using MX Player. In most cases, you can notice that the video is playing fine but there is no sound.

What Is EAC3 Audio Format

MX player is undoubtedly one of the best video players for android devices with plenty of features.

But with the removal of its audio codec supports like DTS, AC3, and MLP due to some licensing problems, you may notice an error message that states the eac3 audio format is not supported in MX Player.

In such situations, the video will play perfectly but with no sound. Unfortunately, sound problems can make your experience quite annoying.

EAC3 which is also called the enhanced AC-3 is a digital audio compression format that was developed by Dolby Labs to store and transport digital audio.

It succeeded AC-3 which is another format developed by the same company. The coming of EAC3 saw various improvements, such as an increase in channel count and support for a wider range of data rates.

Which Apps Support EAC3?

It’s easy to consider installing other apps when you’re experiencing this eac3 not supported error.

After all, it makes sense to have the best video player that can play all or most of the video formats together with audio without getting any single error.

Some of the video players with eac3 audio codec support include VLC multimedia player, MX player, video player for Android, Video Player HD, and Video Player All Format.

Why Is EAC3 Format Not Supported

Playing your favorite videos was all smooth until a couple of last updates started rolling out. With these updates, you might have observed that some video files had MX Player audio format eac3 not supported, meaning the video file doesn’t have audio. Below are what transpired for you to lose audio in your video files

  • Because of the licensing issues, MX Players no longer supports DTS & Dolby audio codec.
  • Videos with AC3, DTS, EAC3, DTSHD, and MLP codecs can no longer give out audio while playing. Instead, an error message, like MX Player eac3 not supported prompts out, meaning your video will play without the audio.

How to Fix EAC3 Audio Format Not Supported Issue

The good news is that despite the eac3 format not supported error messages, you don’t have to uninstall the MX Player or delete your video files.

Instead, you can use various tested solutions below to fix audio format eac3 not supported in MX Player issue:

Add the custom codecs

To make sure you download and install the right custom codecs, you should check the version of your MX player that is running in your media player. After seeing the version, then take the following steps to choose and download the custom codec:

  • First of all, open your MX player, and on the main menu, click the settings.
  • Select the Decoder and scroll down to the Custom Codec.
  • Once here, you will view the codec that you need to download to fix the eac3 audio not supported in the MX Player.
  • After downloading, then you can reopen the MX player and the device will detect the downloaded codec automatically. If it’s compatible, click the OK button.

Add the custom codec manually

If your MX player doesn’t detect the custom codec automatically, consider adding the codec manually by assigning it the right path. For eac3 audio format player, here is how you can add the correct codec:

  • Open the MX player and click on the Settings.
  • Navigate to the Decoder option and scroll down to the Custom codec.
  • Click the Custom codec and select the right path for your downloaded custom code.
  • Having found the correct new code, your MX player will load it automatically and then you can restart.

That’s all! Now, you can play your videos which have eac3 not supported in MX Player.

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Convert EAC3 to MP3, AAC, or MP4 format

This is another quick solution to fix MX Player eac3 audio not supported error. You see, you can encode MX player eac3 audio not supported to more compatible formats, such as MP3, MP4, and AAC.

All you need to do is to use any professional video or audio converter.

You can find some free video or audio converters, but you need to choose the best one that is available.

In this case, you can convert video and audio files to digital formats in a straightforward way to fix audio format eac3 not supported MX Player.

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Use VLC to Fix EAC3 Not Supported

The VLC media player can also convert different video and audio formats. Well, if you have compatibility issues such as the audio format eac3 is not supported, you can convert it to MP3 or any other format.

Here are the steps to fix eac3 audio support video player problem:

  • On to the VLC menu, go to the Open Media option and click on the Add. Choose the video or audio file and click open.
  • Click the Convert/Save button to get to the settings where you can change only the Profile.
  • Now, choose the audio format that you want to convert to. You can give a name to the converted file and click on the Start to start the conversion process.
  • After completion, your converted audio file which had the audio format eac3 not supported is saved.

Tips to Prevent EAC3 Audio Not Supported Issue

As explained earlier, because of the patent licensing issues, you might encounter errors, such as audio format eac3 is not supported in the MX player.

The good news is that you can do the following if the video has audio eac3 not supported MX Player:

  • Use desktop audio or video converter to encode MX Player unsupported EAC3 to a more compatible audio format. Most converting tools can convert audio without affecting the video and it takes just a few minutes to convert.
  • If you are playing the video from a mobile Android device, you can use a third-party tool like VLC Player on iOS and Android devices to playback all the unsupported formats.
  • For computers, map a network drive before playing the video from your Windows or Mac computer. Then you can use a video player such as VLC to watch videos with audio eac3 not supported in MX Player.



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