How to Fix Twitter Videos Not Playing Issues

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Twitter videos are not playing anymore though all was perfect and were working fine two days back but don’t know what happened suddenly that it shows me the message “ the media could not be played” continuously. I deleted the cookies, history, reinstalled the chrome but the same problem. This is happening with only Twitter videos while all other social media and other platforms videos are working perfectly. Does anyone knows how to fix this?

Playing videos on Twitter sometimes confronts you with an issue i.e. Twitter video could not be played. There are a number of reasons working behind to cause Twitter video playback problems. It may be due to faulty network connectivity, problems with the Twitter app, etc.

Why Twitter Videos Not Playing?

Before digging in deep to the solutions for the problem, let’s start with the real-time causes. You can only solve the Twitter videos not playing issue by understanding the right cause and only then you are able to get a quick fix for all of those Twitter video playback problems. Below mentioned is an array of reasons working in the backend.

Network connections are always the main reasons behind the improper functionality of the platforms specifically the ones which work via the internet. Weak strength of your network can cause Twitter videos not playing issues. Want to solve it? Here are two steps to do so.

Step1: check the signal strength of your network in the connectivity settings of the device. If possible switch to a network with strong signal strengths.

Step2: once you are in a good network zone, restart your Twitter app and load the videos again. If the network is the issue, then now you can play the videos easily.

The cache of the application and cookies of the browser while using the application on your laptop can be the reasons for Twitter videos not playing.

Step 1: Clear the cache of the application by following the sequence i.e. settings < Apps < Twitter < clear cache.

Step 2: While using the application via browser, delete the cookies individually from the chrome (the browser you are using).

Twitter app on the device itself can also cause Twitter video playback problems. This can lead to Twitter videos not playing or even the Twitter video sound not playing. The only solution possible for this:

Step 1: Uninstall the application by following the sequence settings < Apps < Twitter < Uninstall. Once uninstalled, then reinstall the app by Play store/App store < search Twitter < Install.

Step 2: you can also update the Twitter app. Follow Play store/App store < My apps and games < Twitter < Update.

Using old browsers for running the app can be a potential reason for videos on Twitter not playing. Update the browsers and resolve the issue.

Sometimes, the plugins’ security software and firewall options can hinder the videos of Twitter to not play accurately.

The video that you are trying to play if not compatible with the Twitter video format, then you can also see the error of Twitter video not playing.

How to Fix Twitter Videos Not Playing on Android?

While using Twitter via your android and an error pops up i.e. Twitter videos not playing or Twitter video sound not playing, then here is the list of potential reasons along with apt solutions to fix the issue so that you can enjoy an error-free video content of Twitter.

Check network strength

Network strength is the real game when using social media networks like Twitter. You need a good signal strength to support running the content of the platform. If the network signal is poor, you would be unable to play the videos, load the visual content, etc. Here are the troubleshooting steps that can help to check the signal strength status so that you can make a decision to either use this network or to switch to another one.

Step 1: Start with restarting your device.

Step 2: Once restarted, navigate within the Settings app and in the menu select Wireless and networks or Connections.

Step 3: If you are using Wi-Fi, shift to the mobile network to see if it works or go for checking the signal strength.

Step 4: In the menu of settings, select About phone Status < signal strength.

check network strength
check network strength

Reinstall Twitter app

If the Twitter app itself is out of date and needs upgrading, then the only method left to resolve the Twitter videos playback problems is to reinstall the app. Here is the stepwise procedure for reinstallation.

Step 1: Once done with uninstalling the Twitter app, the next step is to reinstall it on your android.

Step 2: Navigate in the main menu of your device and click on Play store

Step 3: In the play store, search for a Twitter app.

reinstall twitter app
reinstall twitter app

Step 4: Click the Twitter and tap on Install.

install twitter app
install twitter app

Step 5: Accept all the terms and conditions by tapping the accept button to proceed with the installation.

accept twitter installation
accept twitter installation

Update the Twitter app to the latest version

When you are using an outdated version of the application, it is possible that the app is not working with complete functionality and shows errors like Twitter videos could not be played. For this updating, the application to the latest version is your solution while using Twitter on android.

Step 1: In the main menu, click on play store

Step 2: In the play store, head to My apps and games or search for Twitter in the search bar

Step 3: Select Twitter in the list and click on update to continue downloading the update.

update twitter app
update twitter app

Launch mobile phone browser to check

If the Twitter app downloaded on your android device is still creating an issue with Twitter videos not playing, then next you can launch the mobile phone browser to check if Twitter is working well. If using chrome as the browser,

Step 1: Navigate in the main menu of your device and click on Chrome.

Step 2: Log in to your Twitter account via typing in the search bar

Step 3: By entering your Twitter handle and password, you will be logged in to your account

Step 4: Now try to play the video which was not playing so far.

How to Fix Twitter Not Working on My iPhone or iPad?

If you are an iPhone or iPad user and you are facing an error like Twitter videos could not be played. Then here are some quick fixes to follow to sort out the Twitter video playback problems.

The Twitter app

When using the Twitter app on iPhone and iPad, sometimes the app itself is faulty which is in turn creating the related problems like Twitter videos not play. Here are the steps to solve the problem.

Step 1: Close all the apps in the background as too much memory load on the device can hinder apps to work properly.

Step 2: Update the Twitter app via App store i.e. App store < search Twitter < Twitter < update

update Twitter app in app store
update Twitter app in app store

Step 3: Uninstalling and reinstalling is also a way in which any glitches involved creating problems can be removed. For uninstalling, simply follow the app store < Twitter < uninstall. For reinstalling process is the same i.e. App store < Twitter < install.

install Twitter app in app store
install Twitter app in app store

iOS software update

See if the software is up to date and it is compatible with the application working on it. For updating to the latest versions of iOS, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Connect your device to power supply and strong Wi-Fi connection

Step 2: Navigate to Settings and then select software update in the general settings menu bar.

iOS software update
iOS software update

Step 3: Click on the software update and tap on install to continue. You will install the latest software update this way.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Your network connection can be faulty to cause Twitter videos not playing. Here are the steps to solve the issue:

Step 1: Turn the Wi-Fi off, give a few seconds maybe 2–3 and turn the Wi-Fi on to improve the signal strength.

turn off the Wi-Fi
turn off the Wi-Fi

Step 2: Try to connect to a different network with good signal strength.

Step 3: Forget the Wi-Fi network and again connect to it by adding a password

Forget Wi-Fi Network
Forget Wi-Fi Network

Step 4: Resetting the network settings is the last step. Follow the sequence: Setting < General < Reset network settings < Set to default

Reset Wi-Fi Network
Reset Wi-Fi Network

Twitter servers:

Twitter servers are important and if any is outdated, it may cause Twitter video playback problems. You can also go for a quick fix regarding the antenna.

What to Do When I Fail to Play Twitter Video on Web Browser?

Using Twitter on the web browser also comes up with some potential issue like the Twitter video playback problems. If you are using Chrome as a browser, then here are some fixes you can use.

Step 1: Close all the running web pages and restart your browser and see if now the videos are playing or not.

Step 2: Update the browser to the latest version by following Chrome < Settings < About Chrome

Google Chrome

Step 3: Check if the flash in Twitter is not blocked, if so uncheck the block to make the Twitter videos play normally.

Google setting
Google setting

Step 4: Clear all the cookies of Twitter by following the Chrome setting menu < Cookies < search Twitter < Clear cookies.


An error like Twitter videos not playing may be due to a number of reasons including the ones related to the application, to the device, to the browsers, and even to the other running apps and plugins. Next time when you meet Twitter videos playback problems, all you need to see the underlying cause by referring to this guide, you just have to follow the steps and fix the problem. Every solution mentioned is easy to go and carries vivid steps along with pictorial representations that further make things easier. Follow the steps and you are done!

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