This’s How to Recover Deleted Photos for Samsung Phone Users

Recover Samsung Phone
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Samsung Phone Photo Storage Location

Samsung Phone as you all know is utilized worldwide. This is because it has some great specs and many people prefer using the Samsung brand of phones only.

  • Big Phone internal storage capacity.
  • SD card storage.

Restore Deleted Photos from Samsung Cloud

The very first method is to try and restore your deleted photos on Samsung using Samsung Cloud.

Samsung cloud photo recovery

Get Deleted Photos Back from Google Photo

While this is again another helpful method to recover deleted pictures Samsung, you will need a few mindful options to consider.

Configure photo backups on Google Photo

  1. First, log in to your Google Account.
  2. Go to Settings then Google, on the phone, then Back Up and Sync and hit “Done” to finalize the process.
  3. This will back up your photos and videos to Google Drive on the Samsung Phone.

Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung

If you have a Google Drive Backup of your photos, here is how you can retrieve deleted pictures on Samsung.

  1. Open the Google Photos or Photos app on the Samsung Phone.
  2. You will need to tap on the drawer icon-three parallel dashes- on the top left of the app.
  3. While here, select trash and preview the files.
  4. Once decided, select the photos you wish to restore and hit “Restore” to get then back to your phone.
Google Photo Recovery

Tips on Samsung Deleted Photos

Here some tips will be provided in regard to the entire process on how to get deleted photos on Samsung.

What to do when finding photo loss

  • Photos can accidentally get deleted. When this happens, you are to take care of any move you make when recovering them.
  • Do not overwrite the SD Card where photo loss happened.
  • You can also make a prudent move and scan your SD Card for corruption so as to avoid the corruption of the photo in case this was the problem.
  • Make sure the methods you use will not completely delete the photos you deleted making it impossible to recover them.
  • You can also take a precautionary measure by properly maintaining the SD Card. This can be done by safely storing it to avoid any form of damage.
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Avoid Another Photo Loss:

  • Again, properly maintain the SD Card since it is prone to damage.
  • When recovering files, it is recommended to stick to one method at a time. When executing each method simultaneously, you are liable to a phone crash, though in the rarest circumstances.
  • Of utmost importance is to always Back Up your data.
  • Running regular anti-virus scans to detect and do away with any malware detected, so as not to affect or corrupt either the phone or SD Card is helpful.
  • It is recommended to seek the advice of a professional when things seem as if they are getting out of hand.

Final Thoughts

Hence, if you had accidentally deleted photos on Samsung, there is no need to worry as there are some very smart ways to get the photos back. Restoring your deleted pictures on Samsung is very easy if you carefully follow the steps given above.



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