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“Netflix and Chill” has become our mantra to blow off some steam after a bad day at work and a depressed school schedule. From browsing different shows on Netflix to binging them in a day, Netflix takes up a pretty much significant portion of our life.

However, with technology comes imperfections. Netflix video problems also need attention as they impact the best time of our day. The Netflix video's sudden freezing, flickering, error codes, video lagging, and not playing cause inconvenience and upsets the user.

Therefore, keeping in view the trouble, we are here at your service. In the section below, you will be filled in with different causes of Netflix's choppy issues and solutions to get out of the fix.

Let us work this out!

10 Common Netflix Video Problems

As we are more dependent on social sites for our fun and recreation, they often come up with different problems that need our attention. Understanding the causes of these problems is essential to carve out ways to resolve Netflix video problems.

In the section below, we will be looking at 10 common Netflix videos not playing and its stuttering problem.

1. Netflix Streaming Problems

Sometimes, amidst the climax of your favorite tv show, Netflix stops responding and takes longer to load. This is mostly because of the unstable internet connection or shared network. You can also run a speed test to check out the reasons for Netflix streaming issues.

2. Netflix App Crashing Problems

Most of the time, when you are indulged in the characters of the tv show, the Netflix app decides to crash and stops working. The background cause of this problem is that the app or device maybe not in its working state. The easy solution is to restart the device or reinstall the app.

3. Netflix Errors

There are several Netflix errors that pop up and ruin the entertainment. Error 12001, Error 1011, and Error 1012 are mostly caused when the internet connection is unstable, and data is outdated. You may want to reinstall the app or update the app to get rid of this mess.

4. Netflix Black Screen Problems

When you log in to your Netflix account after a long week, and it welcomes you with a black screen, you might be frustrated. The reason for this occurrence is that your app might need to be upgraded, or your Netflix Cookies need to be cleared.

5. Netflix Log in Problems

If you cannot log in to your Netflix account, you might want to pay attention to your router or internet connection. The errors like UI and WP can be resolved by connecting to a much stable network or limit the number of shared internet users.

6. Netflix Playback Issues

During your “Netflix and Chilling, a specific popup appears that might upset your mood. The playback problem error is usually because of too many users sharing the account. Therefore, to get rid of this problem, you must restrict the users.

7. Netflix Apple TV Problems

The use of Apple Tv on Netflix can initiate video problems as well. There can be a software issue with the app that does not allow it to work on Apple tv. Make sure that you restart the device and the memory is cleared.

8. Netflix Screen Closing Problem

The sudden Netflix screen closing can cause severe mood swings. However, there is no need to worry because it happens due to other connected devices to one account. You have to deactivate the app and reinstall it to check if the problem is resolved.

9. Netflix Audio Problem

Another annoying problem is that Netflix video freezes but audio plays. And sometimes it is the opposite. This problem can be solved by checking the HDMI cord if it is plugged in completely.

10. Netflix Video Stuttering Problem

The Netflix stuttering chrome and even smartphone app is another common problem faced by the users. This inconvenience occurs due to some driver issues with your PC graphics card. Hence, before losing your calm, you have to make sure that the drivers are installed and upgraded.

Solutions for Netflix Video Problems

The origination of a problem demands a set of solutions. The human mind starts using his brain cells to experiment with the possible solutions to the given problem. Therefore, to allow Netflix users to have a fun experience with the tv shows and videos, we have laid out simple solutions.

In the section below, you will be coming across several solutions that are guaranteed to work. Let us not wait any further and do this!

1. Resetting and Restarting the App/Device

The Netflix app streaming and the stuttering problem is one of the most occurring problems for Netflix users. It can be a source of discomfort as it stops the video and ruins the consistency of a show.

But need not worry as we are here at your disposal. You can follow the following chalked out instructions and get rid of the streaming problem in seconds.

  1. Restart your device.
  2. Restart your router.
  3. Reset the modem for a stable internet connection.
  4. Look for the number of shared devices on your account.

If these solutions do not fix the problem, you can connect the device to the modem directly with an ethernet cable. Sometimes the router is too old; therefore, you also need to upgrade it to get rid of future problems.

2. Fixing Netflix Errors

There are several Netflix errors that pop up and ruin the whole mood for the weekend. Errors like 1011, 1012, and 12001 kill the Netflix video. However, we have come up with a few solutions to help you get past this.

If you are an iPhone user, follow the following instructions:

  1. Switch on the iPhone settings.
  2. Select “Netflix from the list of apps.
  3. Select the “Reset” button.
reset netflix

These errors also occur because the date is outdated in your device and needs to be cleared.

If you are an Android user, you can clear out the data and cache by the steps given below:

  1. Go to the “Android settings”.
  2. Then select “Application Manager”.
  3. Choose “Netflix from the set of apps on your device.
  4. Tap on “Clear Data”
clear data of netflix

Hopefully, these solutions can allow the errors to get into thin air, and you can continue watching your shows.

3. Resetting Netflix Password

Most of the time, your Netflix password reaches several accounts and is being misused without your attention. This can slow down your video’s functionality. Henceforth, if your videos are not loading and the problem is persisting for longer periods of time, you may have to reset your password.

If you want to get rid of someone from using your account, this solution works effectively. To reset your password,

  1. Click on “My Account” from your Netflix app.
  2. Click on “Change Password”.
  3. After that type, your old password and then the new password.
change password on netflix

4. Netflix Cookies Clearing

Imagine binging your favorite tv show, and the Netflix screen goes black in the finale episode. Pretty frustrating, right? Sure, it is. But take a deep breath and allow us to take this from here.

The primary cause of the screen going black is the Netflix cookies data that requires clearing after a couple of days for favorable results. Therefore, without panicking, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Netflix Cookies Clearing site.
  2. Sign out of Netflix.
  3. Wait for a couple of minutes.
  4. Sign in to your Netflix account again.

Check if the problem has been resolved. If the screen is still black, try to login from a different browser and use antivirus software.

5. Verifying the Internet Connection

Sometimes the solution to the biggest of our problems lies just around us. Instead of getting aggressive due to the Netflix videos leaving us high and dry, focus on the internet connection of your device. In most cases, one network is being shared with several devices. This slows down the Netflix app. This problem can also emerge when multiple devices are connected to the same account. Moreover, it is also important to check your router if the connection is stable.

Follow a couple of instructions and find yourself back to the fictional world on Netflix.

  1. Reset your router.
  2. Check your internet connection.
  3. Deactivate your application and reinstall it.
  4. Allow limited connections to one account.

6. Turning Off HD Streaming

Presenting you another effective method to get rid of Netflix videos getting out of sync. Without getting mad, you can follow a simple set of instructions and continue watching thrilling soaps on Netflix.

The HD streaming takes up a lot of bandwidth and slows down the shows, and videos/audios get out of sync. An easy solution is to turn off HD streaming because it is entirely in your control. Follow the following steps:

  1. On the top right corner, you will find a “User” icon. Click on it.
  2. After that, click on your “Account”.
  3. Once you get into your account, you will find “Playback Settings”.
  4. Click on the “Medium Quality” and save your settings.

This is a very workable solution for most of the Netflix video problems. However, if the problem remains intact, again start the process, and choose “Low Quality”.

The article has focused on the top 10 problems faced by Netflix users and has also laid out solutions that can aid in the normal functioning of your Netflix account. If you encounter any of the above problems, just try to ensure that you have an active internet connection, restart the device, clear out the caches and cookies, and do not lose your calm as you experiment with these steps.

Happy Netflix and Chilling!

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